Real-time current and historical foreign
exchange & crypto rates
data solution. is a simple and lightweight service for current and historical foreign exchange rates & crypto exchange rates. Reliable forex rates and easy-to-integrate API.

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Foreign exchange rates

Up-to-date forex rates

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Let the numbers talk API is an API service for real-time and historical
foreign exchange & precious metals rates


years of historical data


average uptime

Why Us

The reasons to choose us as your partner


Ultra fast & reliable has been designed and tested to handle thousands of request per second. Also constantly monitored.


Easy-to-integrate API

Delivered in portable JSON format for maximum usability, ease of integration, and compatibility with any of your applications.


Powerful, reliable JSON API

The API comes with guaranteed availability, scalable volumes and responds within milliseconds.


Trusted sources

Currency data delivered are sourced from financial data providers and banks.


Currency conversion endpoints

API also comes with separate endpoints for single currency conversion and Time-Series data.


Developer focused

Helpful documentation, high uptime and fast support. Very Easy to Implement.


What people say about us

The big benefit has been clarity of purpose. We now focus on the outcomes and the breaking down of the silos.

At it's important to gain feedback on the service we deliver to you. We can continuously relay back where progress is being made to reinforce what we are doing and where it contributes to the big picture.

Just a short sample of what they say about us.

“I’m glad to see the, I’m going to show you how to import foreign exchange rate data into Google Sheets using this API.”
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Meelad Mashaw


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a REST API that is a service for current and historical foreign exchange rates and crypto exchange rates.

Who runs the API? is a product built and maintained by APILayer, a technology company that provides a variety of reliable and essential APIs for developers. APILayer’s APIs are affordable for both startups and larger companies. APILayer GmbH is headquartered in Vienna, Austria.

What is the API’s uptime?

The API's system status is closely monitored around the clock. Every effort is made to ensure the highest possible level of availability and consistency, and we are proud to have an average uptime rate of nearly 100% (99.9%) throughout the last 12 months.

Error responses

If your query fails, the API will return false in the success parameter, also HTTP header code 404 Not Found or HTTP 521 Timeout.

Which type of historical rates does the API offer?

The API delivers EOD / End of Day historical exchange rates, which become available at 00:05 am GMT for the previous day and are time stamped at one second before midnight.

Rate Limits

API requests made by a throttled user or app will fail. All API requests are subject to rate limits. Real time rate limit usage statistics are described in headers that are included with most API responses once enough calls have been made to an endpoint.

Response showing old date

API requests are cached by default. You can try to add an additional parameter &v=_actual_date_ in the query, where _actual_date_ enter the day in the format for example Y-m-d (or you can add only hour value).

What happens if my allowed volume is exceeded?

Users exceeding their monthly API request limit receive automated email and dashboard notifications at 75%, 90%, and 100%. After reaching 100% of the allowance, overages fees will apply so we make sure you won’t experience any disruptions and your website/application will keep running smoothly. You can learn more about overages billing here.